quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2009

(PC)Ed Hunter (Iron Maiden) (1999)

System Requirements

* IBM Compatible, running Windows ® 95 or Windows ® 98
* Microsoft DirectX™ (included)
* At least 206MB of Hard drive space
* Pentium™ 120 MHz or better (Pentium™ 200MHz or higher recommended)
* 16MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended)
* 4x CD-ROM Drive (8x or better recommended)
* DirectX™ compatible video card with 2MB video RAM capable of 16-bit coulour at 640x480 screen resolution
(SVGA High-colour)
* DirectX™ and Soundblaster™ 100% compatible 16-bit sound card and stereo speakers or headphones required
* Windows® compatible mouse required
* Supports digital joypad. analouge joystick,
Microsoft® Sidewinder™ force feedback Pro joystick,
ACT labs PC light gun.

IRON.MAIDEN.1999.[CD].ED.HUNTER.CD1.[EAC-APE].rar 507.52 Mb
IRON.MAIDEN.1999.[CD].ED.HUNTER.CD2.[EAC-APE].rar 502.24 Mb
IRON.MAIDEN.1999.[CD].ED.HUNTER.CD3.[EAC-APE].rar 629.60 Mb

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