quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2009

(PC) Armed Forces Corp - Terrorist Takedown 2

Armed Forces Corp - Mercenaries. Superbly equipped and armed, trained to fight in all conditions possible. Incredibly effective and showing no mercy to opponents. Only one thing makes them different from commandoes ? they fight for money.

Become a commander of a mercenaries? unit, hired by the government for an exceptionally difficult mission. A group of terrorists intend to steal top secret data from the computer of an influential politician. Don?t let the criminals get away with the stolen documents.

  • Intense missions in varied locations; underground sewers, corporate offices, city streets, subway.
  • Modify weapons from assault mode to sniper mode depending on the circumstances.
  • Bullet Penetration and Covert Fire systems.

    Terrorist Takedown 2 - Journalists have been taken prisoner! Two days after the kidnapping the government begins negotiations with the terrorists demanding the release of the captives. With the conditions being impossible to meet it would appear that there are no options left for the negotiation team.

    Secretly, a special forces unit is dispatched to try and secure the safe return of the hostages. As a US Navy Seals soldier it is not only your task to free the hostages from the hands of the terrorists but you must also make it back alive.

  • Fantastic game graphics and technology, dynamic lighting and impressive special effects thanks to the Jupiter EX and Havok engines.
  • Realistic Artificial Intelligence: the opponents can act in teams, covertly approach the target, surround their enemy and call in reinforcements.
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